Maurice Murrell

Your light shines on…

I don’t think I have words to soothe an aching heart, but I do have a message to the dear, beautiful soul we all come together to pay tribute to and honor. 

Maurice (I never thought of you as Maurice, by the way—but I like it either way), we never met in life or probably would have met. But your light, your sense of humor, that indefinable quality that shone so brightly within you and touched so many lives. That, in whatever form, lives on in the work you did; the hearts you touched; and the blessed guidance you shared with friends, coworkers, and fans alike.

I only recently rediscovered Finding Me and Jared’s pages and was more than saddened; maybe just a tiny bit heartbroken to know your laughter had moved on into the Beyond. Be blessed my man and keep on shining, we can only do so much but we will do our best to share the love, acceptance, joy, and laughter you brought to so many. You’ve done the most any of us can hope for: showed love to a neighbor, comforted and consoled a friend, and spoken truth where hearts too fragile and too scarred were silent. I love what you represented and I will carry your memory to warm me and give me courage, to be free with my love, voice, and tears and not let doubt or fear of judgment or insecurity keep me from being my most authentic and passionate self. 

You had such a great impact in leading by example and I can’t possibly cover it all in one message, but I will always be so grateful for all I took from you. Courage to be myself and not just accept, but celebrate the differences and things people find fault with, to show myself and others the unconditional love we all cry out for, to trust in my own merit and worth, and most of all—that the deepest scars can fuel the brightest smiles. The generosity of spirit and kindness you carried with you is still a beacon in an often too dark world and I still watch and re-watch clips and videos to remind myself when I get down or start to think I would rather be blind, than to face the stark reality. But you didn’t shy away from life and I will keep on trying to follow that example. 

Be blessed. 


A boy who is becaming a man

And hopes to do you proud


I am so heartbroken over what I had to find out the hard way, since my boyfriend Eric, who was a model in Fort Lauderdale as well, killed himself… I know who & why he was always talking about Maurice…..I never had the Pleasure to meet him, but my deepest Prayers as well Condolences will go out to all of his Family, Friends, models and whomever loved and adored this cute sweet Boy……R. I. P. Baby Maurice !!!

In a moments notice!

In a moments notice lives have been changed. The absence of your presence, the void from your voice leads us to the precious memories of the life you have lived. Always encouraged by your vibrant smile, witty personality, and your charming ways, we bid you a graceful farewell friend. You will be loved, you will be missed, you will be celebrated! No matter what anyone may say it’s up to GOD to determine the value of the life you lived. For in a moments notice we all must see him face to face…… Your loved…..

To my inspiration

Maurice DeRon Murrell (Mookie) i have and always looked up to you even though your gone it feel like you are still with us but when you left it feels like you took a part of me with you everything has changed i look at the world a different way now. You have encouraged me to be who i am today i am becoming a young actor and model, following in your footsteps i want to be just like you one day our paths will meet and we will all be together one day in heaven but till then i say farewell RIP Maurice DeRon Murrell  

From a new fan…

I was shocked to find out that you are no longer with us.  I can see that you have influenced and impacted many lives and for that you should feel blessed and accomplished. Your life was not in vain and has served it’s purpose. You are now with our maker and looking down at us. God bless your memory and your family as I know this is something that one couldn’t ever get used to.  I am inspired by you and your work as well as blessed to have witnessed from a far your legacy.  Rest in peace kind soul and may god bless and have favor over your family, friends, and fans alike.

Far Away But Affected

I never knew Maurice until i watched Finding Me and saw i tribute video to him. I followed up to watch other tribute videos and i am touched by testimonies about him.

I love black Americans and i love what i hear about Maurice. I have learnt to be there for people and to be there for someone always. Special love to him though he did a year ago.

Always will love… Robert fro Ghana

sorry to here the news

I hate hearing about ppl dieing. but i think that god put them in our lives for a reason maybe to teach us something. but in the end he is god’s child and he belongs to the man above. so sorry that a talented person died but the good die young.

Mr. Murrell

I am so shocked I feel like I have living under a rock. I am saddened right now that Maurice is no longer with us.  I remember I purchased the clik magazine cover because he was on the front and he peaked my interest.  I am really going miss him I loved him in finding me and the series.  MAY his family be blessed for dealing with such a loss.

in and out… in and out… In and Out of Time

my leprechaun.. my mermaid.. my sasquatch.. my dream.. my prince charming.. my knight in shining armor..  my muse.. my loch ness monster.. my fairy tale.. my imagination.. My Incarnation..

 i sit here alone facing this reality.. with days behind me that felt impossible.. with a fist full of tears to throw at this wall of disbelief.. feeling like Lot’s wife looking back in regret.. that day i placed my dreams, my heart, my love…. with you, in that box.. hoping that the moments would turn into days, and into weeks, and years that I could have back because i didn’t want to leave you.. knees like water.. always loving you, still.. needing you, still.. longing, still.. i can feel you on me, with me, next to me, whispering, laughing, praying, leading… me… as usual… it is because of you that i be who i be.. know how to love.. how to be strong.. give myself permission to cry or feel.. the gas to my engine.. the guitar to my drum.. the arch in my back.. the bass in my voice.. sitting there beside you against that baseboard i found love.. caring for your broken heart i found tenderness.. providing for our fundamentals i found responsibility.. listening to your scolding i found respect.. gazing upon your life as an audience member i found adoration..

your eyes still talk to me.. you don’t have to speak.. you never had to.. there are no words to describe where i stand.. so i choose not to try..

 one day the hurt will pass.. one day the pain shall become nimble.. i will forget.. i will move on.. i will laugh, again.. i will love, again.. long, again..

so that love i placed with you in that box, hold onto it..

my heart that i gave you, hold onto it..

my dreams that lay beside you, embrace them..

the love letters Mommy placed beside you, re read them..

kiss them… bless them… and return them to me, anew..

but not today, because you are him! my leprechaun.. my mermaid.. my sasquatch.. my dream.. my prince charming.. my knight in shining armor..  my muse.. my loch ness monster.. my fairy tale.. my imagination.. My Incarnation.. and I will always love you in and out.. in and out.. IN AND OUT OF TIME..


I miss my best friend…

It’s one o’clock in the morning on a saturday, and nothing would make me happier than to be with my best friend in ur convertable, top up heat blasting lol. Listening to no more than 1min of any given song (b4 u hit next) on our way to the city or from it. Talking to u and laughing about nothing in particular… i’m lost moe.

Hey baby I was just thinking about you so I thought I say hey.

Give me a kiss! 

Thank you

The safest place in the whole wide world is in the grace of God

Maurice thank you for what you have given us RIP